Financial Statement Analysis

Financial year
Current Assets
Cash and Bank
Account Receivables
Stocks and Inventory
Other Current Assets
Total Current Assets
Fixed Assets
Depreciation in Fixed Assets
Total Assets
Liabilities and Equity
Account Payables
Other Payables
Total Current Liabilities
Total Long Term Liabilities
Fixed and Variable Lendings
Total Liabilities
Retained Earnings
Stockholders Equity
Total Liabilities and Equity
Cost of Sales
Other Direct Costs
Gross Margin
Other Operating Costs
Operating Income
Interest Expense
Other Costs/Income
Profit Before Tax
Corporation Tax
Net Income
Lease Charges
Total Bad Debts Provision
Bad Debts Actual/Write Off
Bad Debts Provision Remaining (Cumulative)
Lendings - Utilised and Committed
Lending Rate - Fixed (average)
Lending Rate - Variable (average)
Lending Risk - RWA
Market Price Per Share (Unit)
Number of Shares (Unit)
Common Dividends
Preferred Dividends
Number of Employees (Number)
Price Index (in % of actual prices)
Full Name
Company Name
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